A Climber's Life

This exhibition celebrates the life of my son Patrick Savageau. Even though it spanned only twenty years, eight months, and four days, it was an exceptionally rich and varied life. Pat managed to pursue more interests and activities in those twenty years than many of us do in a lifetime. As you will see in this exhibition. Pat was interested in almost everything, from exotic plants and animals, to architecture, inventions, sports, and of course, climbing in some of the most spectacular natural settings in the world.

Pat's life was a great gift to everyone he met and knew, and particularly to his immediate family. We feel blessed to have known and loved him; he enriched our lives beyond measure. And although his loss is beyond words to describe, it is far better to have known and loved him for twenty years, than not to have known him at all.

As we celebrate his life through this exhibition, we know that Pat is with us, giving us comfort, inspiration and the will to live our lives to the fullest, as he did. We can only imagine that he is at this moment conquering ever more challenging heights, and waiting for us. And so we say not goodbye, but until we meet again, dearest Patrick.

Ann Savageau