Earth Paintings

During a sabbatical in Australia in 1983-1984, I began collecting and painting with the vividly-colored soils, and I continue to do so. Here are a few examples of these more formal, painterly works. 


"Intersections" is a large-scale installation created in a year-long collaboration with German artist Rolf Woijciechowski. Rolf filled the gallery space with 3 intersecting plywood walls and timber struts under which he placed detritus from an industrial site. To complement these structures, I created a series of earth-painted canvases whose irregular shapes were derived from the spaces created by Rolf's structures. Their pristine earthen surfaces engendered a provocative earth/culture dialogue with the detritus on the floor and the plywood structures. Earth, canvas, masonite; 1997.


"Syncopation" incorporates one of Australia's main products, wool, with its earth colors. It loosely refers to the "song lines," or sung maps, that Aboriginal Australians have created to depict significant features in their environment. Handmade felt, earth, wood; 46"x83"x3; 1991.

Terra Australis Incognita

The following two images are part of a series of earth paintings called "Terra Australis Incognita" (Unknown Southern Land), the Latin name that the first European explorers gave to the continent. They address, abstractly, the landscape and colors of Australia. Canvas, earth, masonite; 38"x74" 1988.

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